2023 Chapbook Submission

2023 Chapbook Submission

Wrong Publishing

This is a $1+ tip jar. If making multiple submissions, please do adjust the price accordingly.

(e.g,. $2 for 2 regular submissions, $20 for 2 submissions with feedback, etc).

Additional tips are always appreciated but not required.

After paying your submission fee, you'll be redirected to:

  • The submission form(s) where you can send us your work
  • A PDF download of our last issue (of Wrongdoing Magazine)

Thank you!

(If you're just here for the discounted issue and don't have a chapbook to send us... we can't stop you! Just make sure to buy before submissions close, as this page will, too.)

This product is not currently for sale.

Issue 4 PDF + chapbook submission

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